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Luxury Furniture Company

Luxury Furniture Company’s mission is to provide their valued clients with the most beautiful, luxurious and mind-blowing products. They specialize in designing, manufacturing, outsourcing and international shipping all around the world, taking pride in their collections, and work with some of the best designers in the world. Their products have become the first choice for ...

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Lulu Wild

Lulu Wild is a luxury Chinese restaurant and cocktail bar based in Birmingham UK, perfect for special occasions and business events.

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Collectibles And More In-Store

This 2022 luxurious Collectibles Store has a Homepage that both contrasts and complements the rest of the store's pages. It is a fullscreen fully responsive eCommerce website that includes a 3D design, special typography, geometric shapes, and bold colors (green, bittersweet, charcoal, and black). In addition, it uses a grid layout and has clean code, ...

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This is a web page of an interior design firm from Poland. Design is very clean and quite minimalistic. Founder of the CICHOCKA interior design agency is Zuzanna Cichocka graduate of Warsaw University of Technology.

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Natuurbegrazing De Monden

Natuurbegrazing de Monden bestaat uit een kudde van ruim 400 dieren, jong en oud. De kudde loopt het gehele jaar buiten, er wordt geen gebruik gemaakt van een stal. In de zomermaanden lopen de dieren verspreid in groepen op natuur- en heideterreinen en verschraald grasland. Gedurende de wintermaanden verblijft de kudde op weidegraspercelen van melkveeboeren. ...

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Template Monster Promotional Code

One of the most important aspects of running a successful online business is having a great, stylish website that is easy to navigate and looks professional. Designing a website can be a lot of hard work, especially for those business owners who have little experience in web design code like HTML. Hiring someone else to ...

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Web Copywriting Landing Page

We created this trendy and chic landing page in order to present a microcopy-writing service. We use pure, minimalist design to demonstrate the "less is more" principle of the website owner and to emphasize the importance of conveying clear message. In this way, we set a direct parallel between design and product. The smooth scrolling ...

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Online resume website

We built a responsive personal CV website for a young entrepreneur to showcase her professional history. The unique features of the minimalist website design are the sticky photo on the one side and a long scroll description on the other side to provide a walk through her career. In addition to being optimized for mobile ...

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Mel Louie

Beautifully designed one page minimal portfolio website for Toronto-based Art Director and developer Mel Louie.
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S Design Lab

This is graphic design firm's portfolio website from India. This website was designed based of more vibrant colors and good structure.

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Gala Chair

Gala Chair

Gala, who was the renowned muse of Paul Eluard and then Salvador Dali has now been the inspiration for this novel task chairdesign. The chair’s technically advanced details are all concealed behind Gala’s overtly feminine sensuality, and its form exudes a seductive charm from all views.

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Tell beautiful baby stories with handcrafted artwork on photos

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In Tripobox you can plan your trip online. Organize and book with your friends and family the activities you want to do and the hotels and restaurants of your choice. Each traveler can pay individually. You can customize your travel package just the way you want, choosing from the options Stay, Eat, Do that you can find in the page of each city-tour. We offer unique things to do in every place and you can always communicate with your host to figure out the details of your trip. Be creative organizing everything online and prepare your selves to live an unforgettable experience.

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Aglio di Voghiera

Aglio di Voghiera

Consortium of Voghiera Garlic Producers produces Voghiera PDO Garlic in Italy since 1300. PDO certified guarantees that Voghiera Garlic has been produced and processed only in its official restricted geographical area.

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Liquors Marie Brizard

Liquors Marie Brizard

This website presents with an original vertical navigation, the range of Marie Brizard liquors through different ideas of tasting (cocktails & desserts).

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Vintage Opticle Shop

Vintage Opticle Shop

At night, when the rest of the world soundly sleeps, we grab our flashlights and hit warehouses and flea markets. We jostle in secret underground auctions and scour the deepest recesses of theweb

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