A few words about this gallery ...

CSS Luxury is a design inspiration gallery, created to rise the standards in web site design.  Designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, we structured the sites on 4 categories (type/color/structure/style). Each category is structured on more subcategories, so, we think it's impossible not to find a site that suits your needs.  More of that it acts as a portal, so, besides a link to your website we post your description, keywords and title.   The websites are carefully chosen, to provide the best design information for the end user, but  you can submit your best website (and we encourage that), we verify it and post it in less than 24 hours.

Also if you find this website usefull please subscribe to our RSS Feed, if not please help us improve it by posting a enhancement.


CSS Luxury is always on the lookout for guest authors to publish articles based on roundups, tutorials and design related articles but we are busy people and CSS Luxry is just one of the many projects we are involved in, so we are happy for you to help us out.

All you have to do is fill in the form with your name, email and a little bit about what you wish to write about.
Please make sure the article is original and related to design, web development, art, photography, inspiration, printing, branding and not copied from any other blog or website and please do not use any copyrighted material unless authorised to do so by the owner or licensee.
Please no outside links that are not relevant to the article or design related.
We feature a variety of design, art, photography and web posts but feel free to suggest any ideas you may have.
CSS Luxury reserves the right to publish, reject or remove finished articles.

In return...

You can create your own biography which is displayed on each post that is published and is also displayed on a unique author page displaying all your posts.
You can link your sites for personal, work, social media such as Twitter profiles or Facebook Pages and generate traffic from CSS Luxury.
Currently we are unable to offer any financial payment for guest posts but you can write as many articles as you wish and become a member of our team.