Monthly Archives: September 2015

Enter the Arena: Digital Surgeons

A battle is raging. It’s a fight to the death with every brand in play. The goal is simple: adapt, evolve, survive. Experiences forever bind you to your fans. It’s what transforms a company into a brand. You offer experiences, build emotion, and create lifelong bonds. Or, you die.

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Ride For The Child

Cycling from San Fran to New York, 3200 miles, 28 days, 1st September 2016. Raising money for children with deafness or cancer.

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Kanbanize is visual project management software that helps teams become more productive by applying lean principles to their workflow. Founded on Kanban principles, Kanbanize reduces stress and increases productivity.

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Boyer & Ritter

Boyer & Ritter is an award winning CPA firm with locations in Camp Hill, Carlisle, Chambersburg, and State College, PA. They specialize in a number of different industries, offering a wide variety of accounting and financial services.

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binocle displaying samples of various design works crafted with love by binocle, Geneva-Switzerland based designers tandem

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Bowman & Poole

Bowman & Poole: The Design Fiction Company Together, we challenge the limits of what is possible - exploring and evolving bold new ideas through powerful visual stories that will inspire your customers, engage your people, and communicate the future of your brand to the world.

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5pm - project management and collaboration tool for teams

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Little Thunder Co.

We’re a little design studio that packs a big punch in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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