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CSS Luxury is a css gallery, created by designers for designers. With simplicity and functionality in mind, we structured the site on four main categories: color, structure, style & type, so, you the designer, can find the inpiration for you website design very fast and focused.

The site is developed to act as a portal, so submit your best css design and we assure the bridge in the www community.

10 Tips To Help Freelancers Prioritize Tasks September 11th, 2009

Being a freelance designer brings a lot of challenges to the daily work aside from the expected design-related issues. Running your own business means that you’ll have to deal with finances, customer service, marketing and every other aspect of the business on top of the design or development work that produces an income. For many freelancers this juggling act is the hardest part of the being a freelance designer.

By Steven Snell on September 9th, 2009

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3 Reasons To Start With A Visual Site Map September 11th, 2009

In this post I expose 3 reasons why it’s still important to start your next web design project with organizing and creating a visual site map.

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New free social icons vector set! September 11th, 2009

Here is a new free social icons vector set, which consists of 16 popular icons, available in both vector and PNG (64×64 pixels) format. Free for any use

Download from here

Practical Tips for Taking Design Inspiration without Copying September 11th, 2009

Designers of all kinds rely on inspiration for their work in order to achieve their best results. Inspiration can come from just about anywhere, but for web designers who are online virtually all day it frequently comes from gallery sites, design blogs, or just websites that you come across in other ways. The amount of inspiration of this kind that is available can be a huge help when you are struggling with a project of your own, but one challenge that designers face is how to put that inspiration into practice while still creating something unique and of quality.

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Recent Web Designs that Don’t Follow Recent Trends September 11th, 2009

Last month I wrote an article on why design trends don’t have to completely disappear, explaining why design trends should live on beyond their acceptance. However, we are now starting to see designs that don’t follow any popular recent trends. What makes the following examples great is that they stand out from the crowd and are instantly memorable for being unique.

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10 Cool Non-Design Blogs You Should Check for Daily Inspiration September 11th, 2009

I know, I know, your RSS reader is more crowded than the gadget mall in China, but please – don’t hesitate to check out these websites. Most of them are not even related to design, but there’s a chance to inspire you more than the others. As usual, feel free to share other suggestions in the comments.

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WordPress Hacks and Tweaks to Visually Empower Your Website September 11th, 2009

One of the best thing about WordPress is that the various type of customization it allows. Some little items on a website can make it look unprofessional, busy and constricted. With custom-fields, plugins and hacks you can truly make your wordpress site function the way you want. In this post, we share some hacks and tweaks, plugins which will make your wordpress theme clutter free, clean and user friendly.

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10 Absolute Best Web Design Galleries September 11th, 2009

You’ve probably realized by now that the internet is overflowing with web design galleries. So I thought I would take some time to share with you my list of the 10 best Web Design Galleries out there. Feel free to let us know what your favorite galleries are.

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Dropdown corporate menus September 3rd, 2009

Stilish corporate menus at your disposal.
Buy from here. Only $3.

IE6 and IE7 Solution for Vista and Windows 7 users September 1st, 2009

In my desperate search for a solution to make my Windows 7 support the older versions of IE, i found this site – http://www.my-debugbar.com/wiki/IETester/HomePage – . It’s a smooth solution for running degrading browsers from Microsoft.

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70+ Awesome Free Textures and Texture Sets August 26th, 2009

Textures are used more often than one may think and in fact they are essential building blocks for designers. The reason why most people are not aware that textures are being used everywhere is that textures usually remain in the background or fade into other elements, supporting the overall design. This way textures are used to create a more realistic ore authentic atmosphere.

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270+ Sets Free And Beautiful Watercolor Textures August 26th, 2009

Both grunge and watercolor effects are really cool and hot in web design industrial. There are a lot of website backgrounds using watercolor effect. Some people may think watercolor and grunge effects are “dirty”, but if you are able to mix the design with these effects, then you will have a beautiful layout which able to give visitors an impressive appearance.

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40 + simple and elegant business card designs August 26th, 2009

The business card is the first thing that is exchanged when meeting a new potential client or business contact. Even in new world of digital media, the business card is still an important piece of initial exchange in the world of commerce. Lately, I have noticed that many business cards today are being designed with a creative edge. Time and time again I find that business cards that leave the greatest impression on me are the simple and elegant ones. When executed properly, sometimes simple is best. Here is a collection of simple and elegant business cards that I hope you will enjoy.

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Guerrilla Advertising – Creative Attention Seeking August 26th, 2009

As creative thinkers we have to think of new and exciting ways to grab people’s attention every day. Here’s a showcase of some amazing examples of Guerilla advertising.

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15 Fantastic Robots Illustrations August 26th, 2009

15 Fantastic Robots Illustrations Gathered from DeviantArt.

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How to Design the Web in a High-Def World August 26th, 2009

One of the first design considerations a web designer has to make is the resolution that the project is going to be built in. Will the site be optimized for 800×600 systems? 1024? Will the width be fluid or fixed? Will it work for mobile devices? There are certainly a lot more screen resolutions to consider now than there were just a few years ago.

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Vital Tips For Effective Logo Design August 26th, 2009

There have been numerous creative logo design showcases, logo design resources and logo design tutorials posted across the Web. While these help you to create a powerful toolbox for your logo designs, first you need to gain a solid understanding of what makes a logo design good and what you need to consider before starting using this toobox.

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20 jQuery Plugins and Tutorials to Enhance Forms August 26th, 2009

In this post we have a selection of jQuery plugins and tutorials for enhancing and aiding in the development of the dreaded form area. There are the always important validation plugins, plugins that will give the form added functionality (stretching text-areas, auto-tabbing…) and also plugins that will help you to style the form exactly as you need…and more.

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35 Original and Creative Free Twitter Icon Sets August 26th, 2009

Most Twitter “Follow Me” buttons and icons are boring (look at mine, very dull),souless and cliched. How about something with some creativity, originality and a little bit of charcter. In this post that is exactly what you will find, 35 Original and Creative Twitter Icon Sets.

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60 Stunning Satellite Photos of Earth August 26th, 2009

Looking at nature from different perspectives can create stunning compositions for your photographs.
This couldn’t be more true than when we look at our planet from outer space and appreciate the reality of its beauty from such an incredible and rarely seen perspective.

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