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CSS Luxury is a css gallery, created by designers for designers. With simplicity and functionality in mind, we structured the site on four main categories: color, structure, style & type, so, you the designer, can find the inpiration for you website design very fast and focused.

The site is developed to act as a portal, so submit your best css design and we assure the bridge in the www community.

Taylor Digital

Taylor Digital
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This site has a very clean design and a smooth flowing color scheme with tones of blue/green. I love how the flash breaks the boundaries of the image rotation and the transparent body graphic adds some extra personality to this site that was built on a custom CMS. -- Here at Taylor Digital we translate your business objectives into digital solutions. We’re constantly creating new and innovative ways to approach our customers goals. Our team of professionals takes care of every part of your project, from start to finish. Our work spans a wide variety of industries that include corporations, non-profits, small to large businesses and individual professionals.

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    CSS Web designer (Jul 10, 2009, 6:25 pm)

    I think they did a great job with the slideshow images like the surfboard and water. Besides that it’s clean. ; )

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